Tutus 4 Tatas

“Tutus 4 Tatas” is a photography project created to raise money to support the fight against breast cancer. You can purchase beautiful, original, numbered photographs of ballerina’s; all proceeds will go towards the Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

My name is Lisa Leclair and I have been participating in the 39.3 mile 2-day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for over 4 years now. My daughter, Holly Cormier, joined me three years ago when she turned 16 and again two years ago to participate in this unbelievably inspiring event. Every year, We dedicate our page and the walk itself to an individual who is fighting or has fought breast cancer. Although our pages haven’t been fully created yet, they will be in the next few weeks or so.

Jonathan Route approached me a couple of weeks ago, asking if I would “allow” him to create this project in an attempt to help Holly and I raise our funds. Holly and I were both touched and happy to be a part of this wonderfully creative endeavor. The pictures of these ballerinas remind me of the vitality of the human body and are a full embodiment of the wonderful, fighting spirit of those women who are “fighting like girls”. Grace and beauty against such an ugly, monstrous disease.

I encourage you all to take a look at these wonderful pictures and consider purchasing one for a good cause. As I said before, both the ballerinas time, and Jonathan’s time have been fully donated to promote this event. Pictures will be numbered and tastefully framed and will be available at a very reasonable price.

Please private message either myself, Holly Cormier or Jonathan Route on Facebook if you are at all interested in purchasing one.

Thank you.